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Swift PC Game Optimizer could be the best gift for your computer that money can buy. It keeps checking for the most common problems that your PC might face and fix them as soon as they arise. Combined with the capabilities of PC Cleaner and Registry Cleaner it has been awarded as one of the most trusted PC Game Optimizer.


Compatible With
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Swift PC Optimizer is one of the best tools that you might need to keep your computer optimized and free from unwanted errors and running well on online gaming experience.


Extremely trusted by millions of users who have voted for it, Swift PC Optimizer ranks top in the list of world’s most favorite and effective PC Game optimization tools! Easy to use for both offline or online gaming, Swift PC Optimizer offers instant and real time results. That said, you can always use the it to clear your worries. It’s that quick and simple!


All of us want a computer that responds to your action with the blink of eyes especially while playing dominobet game but it lags most of the time. Unwanted application that runs on startup and keeps running in the background are the main culprit for your online game slow. Swift PC Optimizer keeps checking for these applications and alerts you to close them so that you can use most of the resources available on your PC.


There are high chances that you might edit windows registry incorrectly and as a result you might not get the desired results. Your computer might create lots of problems if you made a mistake while changing keys and values in Windows registry. That’s why Swift PC Game Optimizer comes with a Backup and Restore function so that you can quickly roll back the changes that you have made to get your computer back to life.


Advance online gaming computer users always need some additional features and setting in the software thus for advanced users, there is good news. Now you can choose your own options of cleaning your valued gaming computer. The Swift PC Optimizer allows the advanced users to play an offline or online game such as bola tangkas . You can now select what areas of your computer’s hard drive you want to be scanned and cleaned. This gives you full control in your hand.